Bouwer Fitness Services


I charge R160.00 a session offpeak ( 9am-4pm ) and R220 peak ( 5am-8am/5pm-8pm). A session can last anything between 45min-90min depending on what must be done that day. Consideration's will also be needed to be made if I am required to travel extended distances.

I do offer monthly fees as well:

3 Sessions a week for a month offpeak( 4 weeks 12 Sessions ) = R 1900

3 Sessions a week for a month peak ( 4 weeks 12 Sessions ) = R 2600 

4 Session a week for a month offpeak( 4 weeks 16 Sessions) =  R2500 

4 Session a week for a month peak ( 4 weeks 16 Sessions ) =  R3500 

( These offers are exclusive to client's within a 10km radius )

I sell an all inclusive package, I don't believe in charging extra for things that an individual needs to make a lifestyle change and thus I include free lifestyle consultations and on going assessments which will be done free of charge after signing up with me for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Payments can be made via cash or EFT ( bank details per request ), payment must be made before training commences, sessions can be rescheduled no less then 24 hours prior to a session, if I cannot make a session due to reasons beyond my control I will refund you in full! If you decide you do not want to train with Bouwer Fitness Services anymore, a 50% refund will be given for the remainder of the sessions agreed upon.

For specific details, simply click on "Contact Me" and shoot me a message or you can give me a call at (074) 968-3423.